Happy Father's Day (and Birthday)

While today is "Father's Day" here in the U.S. (have a great day, guys!), Peter Rich has a double reason to celebrate as it is his 91st birthday!  Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Peter!

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  1. Anonymous6/18/2012

    Peter Rich is an incredibly nice person. Years ago, when his dear wife passed away, I sent him a note of condolences, and in the same letter I had the very bad idea of asking him for an autographed photo, ignoring the sad moment he was going through. Nevertheless, he promptly answered me (he sent me the letter to Argentina, where I was living then), thanking me very much for my words and enclosing a lovely autographed photo (which, of course, I still keep in my files). Very dear Peter, I wish you the very best in your birthday, and I sincerely apologize for my lack of tact back then. May God bless you greatly in this new year of your life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Marcelo Melison.