Hall of Fame Coin comment

"The coins are amazing and I think these will be fantastic, especially for collectors. Thank you so much for including me."   Jim Barber
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From Mr. D:  It is our pleasure, Jim.  We have long admired your professional skills and cherish your friendship! 

Note to blog readers: Please go to the Hamner/Barber web site via the lick below to read and enjoy the amazing article Jim wrote about the Hall of Fame coins, including a short bio on each of the eight honorees thus far.  Thank you, Jim!


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  1. Anonymous6/30/2012

    Jim Barber is a class act and a class gentleman as are Jay Johnson, Mark Wade and Terry Fator Their deportment off the stage as well as on it demonstrate their true professionalism. Each is most worthy of being memorialized by induction in the Ventriloquist Hall of Fame. In the next series, a coin should be struck honoring both Clinton and Adelia Detweiler. Clinton's ongoing work in every facet of ventriloquism are well known. Those who have ever had dealings with Maher Studios have seen her quiet and essential services behind the scene. She, with Clnton should be inducted and have a HofF coin without delay.