From Broadway Stage to your living room!

"Bob" with  Jay Johnson
photo by Carol Rosegg
I did not know about the planned filming of Jay Johnson's Tony award winning "Two and Only" Show when I was planning the production of set #2 (2012-B) of the Hall of Fame coins.  But the timing was perfect.

 The Two and Only! will play two performances (2 PM and 8 PM) on Sept. 15 at Thalian Hall in Wilmington, North Carolina. The performances at Thalian Hall are being staged for filming by director Bryan W. Simon and producer Marjorie A. Engesser for Montivagus Productions.  Home video distribution and/or future broadcast information will be announced at a later date.   Read the full details: Playbill.com - http://ow.ly/bVimh

Surely this event will make the set of 2012-B even more desirable as collector's and investment items.  Only 200 sets were produced.  Order yours now: http://www.hofcoins.blogspot.com

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