For Sale (rare!)

VENTRILO-WISDOM by VENTRILOQUIST DANNY TOWNSEND. This hard-to-find limited edition book was Published in 1974. 93 pages 8.5x11". Like new condition.

Section One includes: Correct breathing, Voice resonance, Ventriloquist Voice, Labial Sound substitutions, Choosing and manipulating the Ventriloquist Figure, How to Tell Jokes/Timing, Practice Routine, Distant Voice Illusion, Sample contract (and more).

Section Two includes: Opening Routine, Getting Started, General Gags, Writing Your Own Material, Magic with Vent, Tricks of the Trade, Talking Ping-pong Paddle, TV Commercial Ideas, Publicity and Advertising, W.S.Berger and Vent Haven, Complete idea for Children’s TV Show, Christmas Routine, Audience Participation (and more).

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