Charlie Spoon Ad

From Tom Ladshaw

Attached is a photo of an ad for the Charlie McCarthy spoon. Sorry for the angle and glare, but it's mounted and framed and I had to photograph it at an angle so there was as little glare from overhead lighting as possible. 

 This particular ad is tabloid size. It's from The New York Times Magazine of April 3, 1938. I also have the same ad in full broadsheet size.... somewhere.   Also somewhere I have a full page ad for the entire Charlie flatware set.

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Note: The photo below was sent by Dave Miller who framed his copy of the ad with two of the actual spoons.


  1. chuck Lyons6/05/2012

    THank you soo Much Know at least I know they exsist. I want to do something like dave did with his spoon set, but I have the entire flatwear set . Thanks Clinton and all you are the best.

  2. You can get the spoons from http://gogproductions.com/vintage-ventriloquism-toys.