Which way to the barber?

Question:  I have a this figure and was wondering  if the hair can be cut or cleaned? Also if I wanted to take it off, Is the head completely painted underneath so that I would have a bald look?  What would be the best way of removal?
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From Mr. D: That's a great looking figure.  I don't know that I've seen one of this character before.  The hair is made of synthetic fur material so it could be washed.  However, I'd be reluctant to do so.  I assume it is fastened on with hot melt glue, probably glued around the edges.  Taking off such a wig usually leaves traces of glue in some areas, and pulls away chips of paint it other areas.  Normally Lovik does not paint the area of the head under the wig.  And there is a door under the wig that has a seam.  The seam would be unsightly of you are thinking of leaving the head bald.  The bald area of the head would need to be completely sealed, sanded and painted for best appearance.

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  1. Anonymous5/06/2012

    Oh what a lovely looking head.
    Have some down time on a Sunday afternoon and so I get to spend some time at Mr D's blog. Always interesting and enjoyable, great stuff - thanks so much Clinton for all your efforts.
    Regards Geoffrey, Australia.