Touch up paint

I recently repainted a figure for a customer who then asked me a question I've received numerous times, but still struggle to answer satisfactorily:
"What colors and brand of paint will I need for touch up in the future?"

Brand?  That's easy.  I prefer Ceramcoat acrylic paint.  I purchase my paints at either local Hobby Lobby stores or on-line.

Colors? That's where it becomes difficult.  Ceramcoat comes in dozens of colors, but none are just right (my opinion) for flesh color.  So I mix my own, for each individual figure, mixing paints on a "palate" (piece of white cardboard).  Usually I blend colors Medium Flesh, Autumn Brown, and Terra Cotta to arrive at the shade of "flesh" I use to paint the head and hands of a Caucasian figure.

But only the neck of the figure is covered with flesh paint with no color shading.  All the rest of the head: ears, cheeks, chin, above the upper lip and the eyes - even the forehead have various color shadings of varying intensity.  I use a variety of colors to achieve the shading: Rose and Reds of several shades, Browns of various shades, on occasion even a blue, white or yellow.

My "palate" after painting one coat of paint on a figure.
I start anew with a blank "palate" each and every coat,
 three coats of paint on each figure.
It is the color shading on a figure that brings life and depth to the appearance of a figure professionally painted.  It's not "paint-by-number".  When I started building figures, I dreaded the painting process.  But after painting literally thousands of figures, I look forward to the painting which has become one of my favorite parts of the job!

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