Ready Now! Vent Your Expressions! One time offer.

I now have in hand, 25 copies of HOW TO VENT YOUR EXPRESSIONS by Cliff Taylor.  76 pgs.  Bring your vent puppet or stage puppet to life.  Use this reference book to learn to manipulate your puppet or figure in the most life like manner.  Simply look up the desired attitude (Anger, Ashamed, Fear, Tease, Sleep, Courage, etc. - hundreds are listed) and follow the directions!

The first major work designed to help ventriloquists enhance the ventriloquial illusion. Manipulate the figure (even the most basic figure) so as to portray any and every emotion and attitude with correct head and body language.  Both vocal speech and body movements are described in detail.  Topics, attitudes, and mannerisms are listed alphabetically and cross-referenced.  It's truly an amazing work! Written by Cliff Taylor, professional ventriloquist and instructor.  Published 1989 by Maher Studios.

$11.00 each ($10 for book and $1 S/H).  If you are one of those who asked me to reserve a copy for you, please email me (mahertalk@aol.com) and tell me if you want to pay by Paypal, check or money order.  (After reserve orders are filled I will accept additional orders while the supply lasts.)

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