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I know the title of this blog sounds like it is obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many well-intentioned vents don't have a clue on how to match the right material for the intended audience.  If they want to do kidshows they say "I can develop some good stuff while I am doing a show"...or they will say "the kids don't know good from bad..they laugh at anything!". Or will say "I found some jokes on the Internet and pieced them together! So what it it's a little ADULT, it will go over the heads
of the kids".  Don't be so sure...

Because of the rise of the Internet and Facebook, kids are exposed to more and varied types of comedy.  They know jokes, they know bits, they know..stuff! They know what's good and what's lame.  That's why it's doubly important to have material aimed at them exclusively, in fact, for ALL
your audiences.

I write comedy dialogs for vents, especially for kidshow vents (my specialty), and I have clients frequently ask me.."can you write something I can use for kids, families, church shows,campgrounds, and adult banquets?"  They want to take a one-size-fits-all approach to their comedy.  I say to them, figure out what puppet you be using for what routine and for what audience, and let me write for that character TO that audience.  Not all puppets are for all audiences. Using the RIGHT
character with the RIGHT script makes sense.  You will feel better using this puppet and your confidence will grow, knowing that the material matches up with the intended audience.  Please don't try to make a "square peg" fit into the proverbial "round hole".  It just doesn't work that way..and your performance AND reputation will suffer as a result. I want YOU to be your best and to put  ventrilodom's best foot forward every time you go on stage. Match up your routines for the right audiences.


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  1. that is why I have so many puppets because I have so many types of audiences, I have puppets that I only use for adults, I have puppets I only use for family shows, I have puppets I only use for children. the material is also different, this is one of my keys to success and booking many shows