Maher Graduate

Shirley Coe completed her study of the Maher Course this month.  For her required completion performance, she used her Danny O'Day vent figure and "Farfel" puppet to perform a Nestles' Quick Commercial reenactment for the attendees of the Old Timer's Radio and Nostalgia Convention (Cincinnati, Ohio).  Maybe if we're lucky, she'll perform the same routine at the Vent Haven ConVention this July.  It appears from the photo Sue sent me (right), her pals are ready to go!

Shirley told us:  "I enjoyed all of the lessons.  They were very informative and well written.  I never thought I could be a ventriloquist before taking these lessons!  I friend of mine got me interested and mentioned the lessons.  I'm so glad he did!  I have performed several times now and feel much more confident and skilled, thanks to the Maher Home Course!"

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  1. cincinnati, that's near me, one day I'll get a group of ohio vents get together like I did in texas and have just as much fun