Great suggestion!

From Andy Mrkvicka:

I wanted to send you a picture of my coins in their airtite holders.  These are very cheap to buy (I bought 10 for about 5 bucks!).   They completely protect the coins and look great! I can't wait until you announce the next set! I would recommend these holders to everyone - especially to avoiding scuffs and scratches for those who may keep one in their pocket!


  1. Anonymous5/21/2012

    Grea idea. Where can these be bought?

  2. Andy told me he purchased his on eBay. I am going to try Amazon to see if I can find a place to buy in bulk quantities so I can have them available here.

  3. Anonymous5/21/2012

    Thanks Clinton, that would keep the treasures. Great network of friends here.

  4. Winkle and Wags5/21/2012

    An excellent and welcomed idea!