Ventriloquist "How-To"

From Bill Matthews: I just finished the book by Taylor Mason ("Complete Idiot's Guide to Ventriloquism") that you sent me. It is REALLY  good. Thank you so much. Even though I took the Maher Course and review it periodically, I still gleaned a lot from Mason's book. It could easily be the modern equivalent of Paul Winchell's book. It's a great  supplement to the Maher Course: http://mahercourse.blogspot.com .
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From Mr. D:  I agree with you 100%.  And there is another major learning program you need to be aware of - it is the new 36 lesson on-line program offered by Tom Crowl.  Excellent!  The first five lessons are free, so I would suggest all ventriloquists check it out.   This may well be the major vent instruction program of the future: 

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  1. I have to agree Clinton, Tom's course is great, he has taken the time to cover everything in detail, and explains things visually that could never be explained in a book. It's a must.