Updates from Vent Haven

From Annie Roberts
It's time for the Airport Marriott Episode 2! Follow the link to see more great features of the new home for the conVENTion. I like to subtitle this segment "Just Off the Lobby."

Also a quick word about Double Talk 2012. It was a GREAT day for our little museum. Both audiences were very responsive and positive, especially the evening group who gave a standing ovation and laughed at everything! Mike Hemmelgarn, Megan Piphus, and Kevin Johnson were outstanding, and it was a privilege to open and close the curtain for them. Tom was the leader throughout the day running the show behind the scenes and stepping out on stage to emcee with style. Jen Dawson worked the PR machine and ordered merchandise (t-shirts, hats, and mugs) which sold in the lobby. Lisa worked tirelessly on the ticket end and dealing with Paypal, and I put together a slideshow which played on a huge screen in the lobby before and after the show. In addition, the performers came out to sign autographs afterwards and people were genuinely excited about ventriloquism and Vent Haven Museum.  

Hope everyone is doing well and getting excited about ConVENTion 2012.

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