Script Prompter

By Jeff Brown

I wanted to pass something on that I am using to help me to memorize and practice my scripts/routines. It is called PromptDog, a teleprompter software, that can be used on any computer (PC or MAC OS X) or tablet. There are actually two programs.  PromptDog, which is $59.95, and PromptPuppy which is $19.95.

 The big difference that I find for myself is that PromptDog has a timer which enables me to actually time my routines so I have an idea how long they are and if I need to shorten or lengthen them in any way. It also allows direct editing of the script/routine while it is on the screen and also allows me to colorize my lines and the figures lines, making them easy to differentiate. PromptPuppy does not have this feature. I find the program invaluable in helping me to learn the scripts/routines since I don't have to constantly keep looking down at a paper all of the time.

They are both available on the website to be downloaded for a free 10 day trial.


  1. Anonymous4/10/2012

    Or, you can download a free teleprompter that can do the same thing here: http://proverbteleprompter.codeplex.com/.

  2. Anonymous4/10/2012

    Looks good, but what are the system requirements? does it run on Macintosh?

  3. Jeff Brown4/11/2012

    ScriptDog will run on MAC OSX but not on the iPad. It appears the free one only runs on Windows.