HOF Coin comments

"I received my collector set of coins today and WOW!! is all I can say. This is truly a collector's item.  The richness of the coins, the detail in drawings, well, to say I am delighted with them is an understatement. Every serious vent should have a set of these coins!!"   Mark Wade
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"The beautiful coins arrived this morning.  My first reaction was, 'Just like everything Clinton does, magnificent!'  My nostalgia for the NAAV days kicked in, and I'm so pleased that the reverse of the coins holds fast to tradition, And the NewsyVents logo has been retained.  I would guess that I'm not the first to register the sincere hope that you will respond to the many wishes, cast personal embarrassment, aside, and be sure that the collection has a 'Clinton Detweiler' coin included.  Without that, the collection would be incomplete."  Canon John Jordan
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