Ventril-o-ett still a hit

Comment:  I just received a wonderful puppet in the mail yesterday. Catching it on E-Bay I was able to purchase your Pilgrim Lady.  It is wonderful!  I can't believe the detail. The teeth show in your photos, however, it is just not the same as looking at them up close. Eyebrows, hair, everything.  I am so impressed and pleased. IF, you decide to start making more I hope I catch the news and can get in on it.  You are a Master Craftsman. Well Done, Sir.  John H.
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And another:  I received the male pilgrim ventrilo-ett a few days ago I purchased on ebay. Even though I now see the size is posted on the page you have for them, not having noticed that before, in the pictures they always impressed me as being much smaller, but they are actually pretty good size, and really neat little novelty figures – I like it!  Dave B.
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From Mr. D:  The Ventril-o-etts will always be one of my favorite vent puppets.  And they do show much better in person.  I have no plans now to build more - but who knows... 

PS: You don't have to wait on me, however, as I have just learned there are several of my custom ventril-o-etts on ebay right now.  To find them easily, do a search for seller: revron2

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  1. Anonymous3/06/2012

    Hi Mr. D,

    This is interesting you ran this today. I just put six more Ventril-o-etts on Ebay this morning. Great minds must think alike.