Maher Course Student Comment

From Robert Rothe:

Just thought I'd let you know that your ventriloquist course arrived here safely in Germany with nothing missing or broken. Thank you very much. To build up the tension we put it under the Christmas tree and - wow! - what a surprise it was to open the package! I couldn't wait to get started and charged right into the material and really got carried away. In the meantime I've already moved on to Lesson 3. I use a little frog hand puppet with a big wide mouth which suits me perfectly for the beginning. I enjoy reading the amusing and positively supportive tone of your course, admire the fitting illustrations by David Miller and have a great time practicing the phrases - it really is a pleasure to do this course and am I looking forward to the future lessons - but, I agree: it does take quite a bit of practice, especially with the Ventril-o-aid, but with all the help, support and detail you give in this course I'm sure that the final result will definitely be rewarding!
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