A FUN visit to the dentist!

From Joy (Stone) Gray

This photo of Miss Squeaky in the dental chair was taken when my husband and I were on one of many mission trips to minister to orphans and their caretakers in Ukraine.  The dentist in the photo was a tireless lady from El Salvador that joined our team.  She had been working all day in a makeshift dental office at an orphan camp.  Towards the end of the day, Miss Squeaky and I slipped into the waiting line and took a seat in the makeshift dental chair.  When the dentist turned around and saw us, she laughed until she nearly cried.  She laughed and talked about examining Miss Squeaky for the remainder of the trip.  


  1. thats is so cool love the mouse puppet my dream to own one too,but,i am wanting in form of a hard form puppet,but love hers so glad she makes people happy with her thats what makes world better place to live thank you miss squeaky

  2. This lady dentist from El Salvador can be a good role model. She reminds us that dentistry is not a trade but a noble profession. It is good to hear that there are some dentists like her who unselfishly devote their time and skills to the community, particularly to the orphans. By the way, what is that stuff toyed in the picture, is that a rat or rabbit? It can be used as a decor for a pediatric dental clinic! Children can embrace that doll while undergoing a dental procedure, thus diverting their attention to it rather than the surgery.