Class Project

From Craig McKee

I pulled my old friend "Avery" out for the first time in more than 25 years. He looks just as good as the day I bought him from you.  My 10 year old daughter, Samantha, had a class project where she needed to interview a character from the book 'Holes' (by Louis Sachar). So we dressed Avery up in some clothes to resemble the book's character, Stanley Yelnats.  She did the project/interview in front of her class this past Thursday and received an A+ on her presentation!  Her classmates got such a kick out of the whole thing..
P.S. I still have all the instruction booklets, etc. from year's ago...many memories!  I mentioned to my wife it would be fun to use him within the schools or just neighborhood kids, we'll see what happens.  Thanks again for agreeing to appear in that NBC story so many years ago and sparking my imagination, you influenced me in a way you never knew.

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