Visit a retirement home you have to see to believe!

From Jennifer Dawson
Curator, Vent Haven Museum

Last summer Vent Haven Museum was visited by a producer for  KET’s (Kentucky Educational Television) Bluegrass and Backroads television show.  They spotlight interesting places and people  in Kentucky that make it  special.  The crew shot here for a few hours and the result is an almost 8 minute segment about the museum which  is airing this week on KET channels throughout the state.  While I know most of you aren’t able to view it on television, you are able to see the segment online if you would like.  Their site is: http://www.bluegrassandbackroads.com/
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From Mr. D:  Be certain to check out this piece.  It is excellent, informative and most enjoyable.


  1. Jeff Brown2/29/2012

    Excellent piece on the museum and a job well done by Jennifer.

  2. Great video, nice look at Vent Haven Museum.

  3. Frank Ward2/29/2012

    Wow Great love it!!!!

  4. Anonymous2/29/2012

    Thanks clinton for posting the link. Great piece, very enjoyable. Now I've been to Vent Haven - via the net!! Cheaper than flying from Australia, Geoffrey.

  5. Anonymous3/01/2012

    Thanks for the wonderful Tour! This was so well done. It is something that I otherwise would probably never see.

    Wilson Kindred