Student debut

From George Boosey

     My brother Fred Boosey is a drama teacher at an arts magnet high school in Little Rock and has been honored as teacher of the year and even won some international honors of his drama teaching.  For years, he has had a mime troupe, which has performed not only all over Arkansas but around the country.
    In recent years, he has expanded his student troupe to include unicycle riders and ball walkers and other variety arts so it seemed to me that it was a natural to move next into ventriloquism.  I gave him a Clinton Detweiler figure, which I had purchased from Dan Willinger to be a backup to my main cheeky boy character, Oscar.  Oscar, as both of you know, is a Marshall figure originally carved for our friend, Peter Rich.
     I also gave Fred the Maher Course booklets from the 1980s and a few other books on ventriloquism and script writing and he found a student who was interested in the art and who will make his debut in the high school production of Annie, playing a ventriloquist on the radio. 
Introducing Jamison Grandy, a new young ventriloquist
and student at Little Rock’s Parkview High School.


  1. Anonymous2/09/2012

    GO Jamison! Have a great time. All the best.

  2. P. Grecian2/10/2012

    Warms the cockles of my heart. Fred got it from George who got it from Dan who got it from...
    Wonder how many lives little Oscar has influenced.
    We may never know, eh?
    Oh, if only he could talk.
    Wait a minute...he can. Now.
    And the beat goes on.

  3. Frank Ward2/10/2012

    It is soooo kool to see a young person learning this art and to expand, be creative to use the gifts and talents God has given to him.