"Simplified Method" of writing dialogues?

The ventriloquist pictured on the cover of this issue of DOUBLE TALK is George W. Tizzard of Brooklyn NY.  According to the writer, Mr. Tizzard was "a monologist and a funny story teller for thirty years, who...after meeting W. S. Berger and receiving pointers on ventriloquism...is now doing very well with his offerings in and around Brooklyn."

And then the writer, who I assume was Revello Petee, continued, "After witnessing many ventriloquial acts and noting the lip movement of the ventriloquist when the figure was supposed to be talking, Mr. Tizzard started experimenting with dialogues to remove the cause of lip movement, and his 'Simplified Method' of writing dialogues was the outcome.  This 'Simplified Method' is the omission of all Bs Ps and Ms, thereby removing all cause of lip movement."

I did see an ad for 16 of Tizzard's Dialogues, written using his 'Simplified Method', in the following issue of Double Talk.  (I wish I could read a few of them).  Quite a different method than that used by today's better ventriloquists who purposely add words containing labials to raise the degree of difficulty in their dialogues!

I should mention this issue of DOUBLELAK (listed on eBay now) contains one of the most popular of routines written by Tommy Windsor: The Shutter Salesman.


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