No Bully Information

From Bob Abdou
I wanted to share my "No Bully Zone" video with you.   This is the edited version schools view when deciding on an assembly program that has vital information for the students.

It took me 6 months of deep research from school guildelines, talking to counselors and other sites to come up with my "No Bully Zone" show.  This is not a silly birthday party show that just throws in "don't be a bully" or "Be Kind" advice that most entertainers do when jumping from birthday party shows to school shows. Today's schools want updated vital information that students will remember for years to come, not just fluff sayings that are just said with no real foundation.
Today's schools are not the same as years past. Performing at schools today want a back ground check. They require pages of information filled out by entertainers just to be considered for a school program. Today's schools want real value for their budget dollar. The days of just walking into a school and getting hired are long gone.
For anyone that wants to succeed, we have to be up with the times and do what is required of us to market school shows.
Take it from me, someone that has moved to 3 major cities and started all over again 3 different times, if there is anyone that knows how to adapt, it's ME!!  What worked in Atlanta, didn't work in Philly, what eventually worked in Philly did not work in Texas, what finally worked in Texas is not what Ohio is looking for. My "No Bully Zone" show is just what Ohio is looking for and I'm ready.

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