Mini-Figure Question:

From Fred Anderson:

In 1950 as a boy growing up in Troon, Scotland, I purchased a dummy key chain head with moving eyes and mouth. At the time it was being promoted as an Archie Andrews replica (dummy of Peter Brough in England.).  It was made by 'Palitoy' in England.

Jump ahead some years and across the Atlantic. This same head is shown in the Paul Winchell tribute on Youtube, (part 2 @ 14:25), and was being promoted as a Jerry Mahoney key chain.

Was it originally an Archie, or was it a Jerry ? Or was it just a cute
little dummy head with moving parts that could become any character the
purchaser decided? For example, if it had a top hat and monocle, could it not be a Charlie ?

Any comments?

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  1. Winkle and Wags2/28/2012

    Those cheeks and bow tie surely suggest Jerry Mahoney to me.