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I am an avid reader, a purveyor of book stores, a person who is always looking for the latest book on marketing, performing, jokes, whatever.  I have found that often what I am reading at the time makes good copy for my blog articles, and that's the stuff this one is made from.

I know one of the areas we, as entertainers, overlook is stagecraft.  I recently found a book on the subject written by a guy that was a personal stagecraft trainer.  He worked with people to make them more comfortable on stage, and in giving presentations.  The tips were great and I want to share a few with you.

•  Eye contact with your audience:  it is more than occasionally looking out at the crowd to make sure they are still with you.  This fellow recommends that instead of scanning the audience you give them eyeball to eyeball contact and establish a one-to-one intimacy.  Don't sweep the audience look a bit to the right, a bit to the center, and a bit to the left..but always with eye contact to the audience.

Be Conversational with your audience:  you want your audience to feel as if you are standing in their living room having a conversation with them.  As the author points out, "be human".

Develop "Stage Energy":  Learn how to psych yourself up before you go on stage to entertain or speak.  Be mentally alert and prepared and tell yourself good, confident things.  Let the electricity flow through your body.

This book called "The How To Of Great Speaking" by Hal Persons is one of the best books I have found.  I think it may be out of print..I found my copy in a second hand book store, but you might want to check on line.

Don't overlook the importance of EVERY aspect of performing if you are going to be your personal best!

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  1. Jeff Brown2/21/2012

    Found and ordered a copy of the book on Amazon. Thank you for the advice.