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I once contacted the publishers of the "Klutz" books to see if they would consider publishing a "Klutz book of Ventriloquism."  With their strong marketing program and their proven track record of quality hands-on books, each coming with the items needed to perform the skills taught, I thought they would be a perfect match for the ventriloquist art.  I learned they were way ahead of me, having already considered ventriloquism.  But they made the decision not to move ahead because of the book by Dan Richard (shown here).  They felt since an instruction book with puppet included was already on the market, they would not produce a similar product. 

Ventriloquism For the Total Dummy is an excellent book (by Villard Books, 1987), but it's distribution numbers were limited.  This is a like new copy.  As nearly as I can tell, the puppet bag has never been opened.  In my opinion, this book by professional ventriloquist, Dan Ritchard , is one of the better books on the subject.  It covers so much more than just how to talk without moving your lips.  (It even has plans for building a vent figure.)  On stage tips touch on subjects as wide in variety as what to wear to handling hecklers.  Chapter 8 deals with novelty bits, including muffled speech, the drinking bit, the telephone voice, and distant voice.  Most helpful and fascinating information fill all the 90 pages.
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