Any flexagons left for sale?

Question:  My dad (Candu the magician) gave me a flexagon to play with that came from your store.  I have no idea how long it might have been in my Dad’s closet of magic tricks.  To make a long story short, the only one that I had (flexagon, that is) got trashed.  Are you still selling these?  If so I would dearly like to get a couple more of them from you.  Regards, Bill Oldham
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From Mr. D:  Adelia's brother, Jay Yoder (photo right), made the Flexigons we sold through Maher Studios during the '70s and '80s.  But when his health declined, Jay had to give up his shop crafts, and that was the end of Flexigon production.  Now, having said that, I do think I still have several new and unused Flexigons.  They would be the Magician and/or Ventriloquist versions where the images change as the Flexigon is folded and unfolded.  Jay made a Flexigon that was color changing, but I no longer have any of that style.  $40 each, postpaid.  

The copy below is from a vintage Redoy Catalog the descriptions of the flexigons and their workings: 

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