Anniversary Issue

This first anniversary issue of DOUBLE TALK ventriloquist newsletter (Oct or Nov 1938) contained some interesting comments by George McAthy:

"Well, I guess now even the skeptics will agree that DOUBLE TALK is here to stay...the last two to three issues of D.T. have been late, but through no fault of Revello's (Petee).  Due to warehouse strikes, he was unable to get paper and stencils for the Mimeograph machine.  He had to beg borrow and darn near steal to get out the Oct. issue.  He even traveled many miles to other towns to rustle up supplies.  Not many people would have gone to all that trouble, but Revello wasn't going to miss an issue at any cost.  If we want D.T. to build into the best little magazine going we will ALL have to do our part.  If we don't look after the art of Ventriloquism, nobody else will."

It's never been easy to keep a specialty newsletter in print for any length of time.  Revello Petee tried, but little did McAthy know when he wrote the above words for that first anniversary issue that the second year would be the final year of DOUBLE TALK  publication.  I will be listing most of those final year two issues for sale on eBay over the next week or so, beginning with this one.  Vol. 2 No. 1 1938.

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