Voicing the Gospel by Pastor Paul Everett

"VOICING THE GOSPEL" BY VENTRILOQUIST PAUL EVERETT & "WALLY" (1970/1974) I've listed this book on eBay as used, but it is in MINT condition as if never used!  First published in 1970 and then revised and enlarged in 1974.  This is the 1974 edition.  Includes an introduction to ventriloquism, a brief "Course" on how to be a ventriloquist, how to give character and movement to the figure.  There's a concise explanation of the distant voice as well as the "drinking bit" and tips on producing sound imitations.  How to write dialogue plus several dialogues (by two by Detweiler and one each by Ken Tibbs and Cliff Taylor).  Plus suggestions for presentations.  Even plans for a simple but clever puppet  are included which I will share here as well (see post below)!  Long a best selling manual; now out of print.  Here's your chance!

"Visual education has long proven to be a valuable and effective method with which to teach.  Christian workers are discovering many different types of effective methods of teaching the Gospel message through the "eye-gate" as well as the "ear-gate".  Ventriloquism must be rated near the top of the list of effective visual aids used by and for persons of all ages.

"So, regardless of your relationship to the art of ventriloquism, be it only curious, or sincerely interested, or advanced in skill, it is to YOU that we recommend this book"   (This excerpt taken from the book's Forward, written by none other than some fellow named Detweiler.)

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  1. Anonymous1/08/2012

    Clinton, how many pages does the book have? Are they printed on both sides? Thank you! Marcelo.

  2. Pages are 8.5" x 11", numbered to 20. (10 sheets of paper, printed both sides) Plus the page with puppets plans. Also the insides of both front and back cover have text.