Simon Sez, "help!"

Question:  My 1973 Simon Sez needs a new rubber band to his mouth.  What would you recommend?  John
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From Mr. D: I've always been glad the headposts on these dolls were only snapped (not glued) onto the heads themselves.  Because, to replace the rubber band to the mouth, the head post must be removed.  I use a Xacto knife (or box cutter) to carefully split the headpost along the front and back seam, just far enough to spread it apart (with a screwdriver) to remove the headpost from the head.  The rubber band is stretched from the metal ring on the top of the mouth unit down to one of the horizontal plastic cross pieces you will find in the ball portion of the headpost.  After you have made repairs and have all parts reassembled, just a drop or two of "super glue" (carefully applied) will hold all securely again.

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  1. Anonymous1/03/2012

    On the simon i had when starting vent in 1978, i used a hot knife to make the separating easier, though it's not as "clean" a job. I also replaced the rubber band with a spring. I believe there is a piece sticking upwards at the back of the lower jaw inside the head. I put a small hole at the top of that, & i believe ran the spring from the hole, to the other place the rubber band connects. & i also drilled into the hole at the bottom of the ball on the neck & threaded a screw in to hold it together instead of re-gluing it, in case i needed to get in the head again,plus it kept the lower ball tighter to the neck. Plus i put tape around the head post for good measure. used it for years after with no prob. That was a great figure for a toy! Good luck. Bill Smith