"Sheerluck Jones", Bible Detective

From Rev. Russell Baker

Happy New Year!  The holiday season was a busy one for me both as a pastor and as a ventriloquist.  Our Christmas program featured the children of our church acting out the Nativity story in costume. Narriation was provided by me and Charlie McCarthy.

The narriation was done as a "detective investigation" as the Case of the Miraculous Birth was "investigated." As "Bible Detective, Sheerluck Jones", I wore a Sherlock Holmes outfit, with Charlie as a wisecracking assistant, "Dr. Dawson". Throughout the narriation, we investigated the Scriptures of the Nativity story as the children acted them out I used the term "Bible detective" in the program, explaining that a detective observes clues and makes deductions based on those clues. A Bible detective, then, Observers the truth of God's Word and acts on those truths.

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