Senor Wences Fan

From Bill Smith:

 Happy New Year to you and yours, Clinton. I thought, since you posted that nice piece regarding Queen Elizabeth and King George (yesterday), and especially since his address was done in 1939, that you might enjoy seeing this piece of vent history I cherish. It is a silver spoon, given to Senor Wences, during the king and queen's 1939 visit to the white house. This spoon was given to me as a gift by Senor Wences' grand daughter. A wonderful lady, who I'm so very honored to call a friend. I'm also including a photo of Senor Wences and myself, taken at the testimonial luncheon held in his honor, that Al Getler organized.  I will be eternally grateful to you for cluing me into that event, otherwise I would never have known about it. All the very best to all this new year.


  1. Anonymous1/02/2012

    Clinton, I forgot to mention that Senor Wences was a personal friend of the king's. That's why he was invited to the white house commemoration. Also, his grandaughter, who's related via Mr. Wences' first wife Esperanza, not Tally {he & tally had no children}, is related to F.D.R., who was the president then & who had these spoons ordered to commemorate the visit. He was her uncle on her mother's side. Thanks for posting this. All the best, Bill Smith

  2. Anonymous1/02/2012

    Thanks Bob. Yes, i guess i have been blessed in life in some ways. No nice house of my own, nice car, or things, but a TON of good memories, which are more valuable than any material riches. Including the memory of helping you in with your stuff at the 2008 conVENTion when your luggage cart gave out! HA! That was a blast, as was having met you & hanging out with you a few times there. Thanks! :) Bill Smith