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Question:  Years ago I turned my "Simon Sez" into "Blueberry the Clown."   His costume matches my "Muffin the Clown" costume.  After much "clowning around" he can no longer move his jaw.  You kindly repaired him for us years ago.  Probably not worth trying to repair the plastic parts again.  He needs a new head, but his matching costume fits a small body.  Is it possible to build a good head to fit a Simon Sez body?  If so, how much should I budget for it?  Or, would you recommend I start over with a larger figure and make new costumes?  Thanks for considering our dilemma,
Susan/Muffin the Clown and Blueberry
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From Mr. D: Actually, my recommendation would be to find a permanent fix to your current doll.  The rubber band on the mouth could be replaced with a spring.  The size could remain the same so you would not need to replace the clothes. This would be the most cost effective approach .
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Update following repair:  Blueberry just arrived.  His jaw works better than ever.  You are amazing and I am very grateful.  Thank you so much,

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  1. Anonymous1/17/2012

    Hi Clinton,
    Do you or your readers have ideas / routines for people with Dementia? Would love to read some comments and thoughts, thanks, Geoffrey, Australia.