"Performing Fleas"

Question:  Years ago I bought a book from you containing  a "performing fleas" script.  I do not have the book anymore and would like to get another script. Do you have any that I can order from you?  If not, do you know where I can get such a script? Thank you.  Roberta Butler
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From Mr. D:  I do remember the script you refer to.  It was written by Cy Leonard and is in the NAAV Dialogue Book No. 9 (now out of print).  I still have my personal library copy of this book.  I'll make a copy of the four page script and mail it to you.  And I'll do the same for anyone reading this who would also like to receive the script (with details on building the flea circus prop.  Email your request with name and address to:  mahertalk@aol.com

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