Paul Stadleman

Paul Stadleman was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  He took up ventriloquism as an adult.  Most people became acquainted with Paul and his dummy, Windy Higgins, via his appearances on television.  He also was a highly sought after teacher of ventriloquism.  One of his students, Vonda Kay Van Dyke, became Miss America 1965, largely due to her talent as a ventriloquist. 

Paul authored two instructional books on ventriloquism as well as instruction on tape.  A master publicist, Windy Higgens ran for Governor of Kentucky in 1939 with Paul serving as his campaign manager.  Windy got 143 write-in votes from all over the state!

For most of his career, Paul made Chicago his home where his residence became a center of ventriloquism during his lifetime.
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Condensed from Mr. Ventriloquist 1969, IVA Directory 1970,  Photo from same source.

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