Mark Wade Writes

One thing I have made a New Years resolution is to write something for my kidshow act everyday.  It may just be a line or two, or a complete bit for an existing routine, but it is important to write, write, and write some more!

My good friend Karl Garray (of Garray and Tomio fame..a very unique ventriloquist act) gave me great advice and set a good example for me.  Karl would get up first thing in the morning and write something for his and Tomio's show.  I know also that many of the comedy writers also give themselves a strict routine of writing a set number of lines per day.  I guess the more you experiment and use your talents of writing, the better you become with it.  You learn quickly your style of performing and how to translate jokes, lines, and bits-of-business into that style.  It makes it fit better without as many re-writes.

I may be driving down the road and get a thought for a joke or line and I try to scribble it down before the thought leaves me.  I then use this as a springboard to write it in a more complete way when I get home to my office.

To be a great writer you have to write.  Remember the adage.."Yard by yard it's hard..inch by inch it's a cinch".  Try writing something TODAY and then keep on writing.  Soon you'll have another piece to your act that you can use to make it fresh and up to date.  Your audiences will love you for it!

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  1. I find instead of writing the thoughts or ideas down while driving is to carry one of those mini-tape recorders with you at all times so you can just put the idea on tape which is much safer than writing while driving.

  2. Jeff Brown1/25/2012

    Not only am I trying to write something or come up with something every day but my girlfriend is always texting me whenever she hears or sees anything she thinks I will be able to use. Two for the price of one.

  3. Anonymous1/25/2012

    what a great girlfriend..............