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By BILL DeMAR, "Master of Sight and Sound". Subjects covered are: 1. Anxiety/Nervousness, 2. Breathing and Breath, 3. Comedy, 4. Hand Puppets, 5. Lighting, 6. Manipulation, 7. Material, 8. Presentation, 9. Props, 10. Practice, 11. Power, 12. Repertoire, 13. Staging, 15. Sound/P.A., 15. Timing/Speed, 16. Voice/Distant Voice, 17. Variety/Versatility, 18. Wardrobe/Make-up, 19. A Routine, 20. Some Thoughts.  For sale now:

I enjoy reading Bill's writings. He writes from a lifetime of experience as a professional ventriloquist and he doesn't mince words.  Case in point.  He opens this work in this manner:

To begin with, I would like to dispel some utterly ridiculous concepts about ventriloquism.
1. It is not the work of the devil.
2. It does not take some abnormal construction of the vocal cords.
3. It is not limited to just a few.
4. No one can make his/her voice travel silently through space and then expect it to be heard in a distant place of their choice.
5. The "ventriloquist" cannot expect his/her voice to sound as if it is coming from behind someone.
6. The "ventriloquist" does not use a tin whistle or any other object in their mouth.
Now let us move on with our understanding of ventriloquism.
(Copyright 1995 by Bill DeMar)
*  *  *  *  *
I to all the above, I say, "Ditto"!

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