Holidays - Just around the Corner!

Nancy Rosekrans, aka "Rowdy the Clown", sent me this picture of herself and her boy "Reggie" as they performed for the IBV Ring #186 Holiday Party last December.  I had to smile as I read the words on Reggie's shirt ("Dear Santa, I can explain...")...they brought to mind a cartoon I saw just recently (see below).

By the way - if you or your vent figure needs low cost Santa or Elf hats, reindeer antler headgear or the like,  try your local Dollar Store.  Ours is stocked with lots of such seasonal garb.  


  1. Anonymous12/10/2011

    Now Clinton. You wouldn't be going there to find things to put moving mouths into would you?? LOL! ;)

  2. Have to admit, I did look around with that "fleeting" thought in mind ... :-)