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This very rare issue of VENT NEWS was the first newsletter published by Michael Rzeminski, owner of Izzy Rizzy Enterprise, Chicago, IL.  I'm not certain but what it may have been the only issue published - certainly there were no more than a handful.  But the contributors some well known names from that era: Toni Vaci (Names In The News); Danny Asbury (Ventriloquism Lives); Mark Hellerstein (Ventriloquism: The History, The Art, The Love); Jim Stukel (Dummy-Line - an excerpt from which is printed below) plus a dialogue, ads, and last but certainly not least, a front page cover feature interview with Jimmy Nelson that is most interesting.  A vintage item from the past; a treasure for the future!  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290642977886

by Jim Stukel

I feel that sitting on a chair and having the figure on your knee is wrong because your audience cannot get a good view and its also outdated.

Using a chair with your leg on it and figure on your knee is bad because the vent has a tendency to be facing (body position) too much to the side. 

The best is to have a stand with a small board on it for the figure to rest upon and have the figure's top part of head about your shoulder height.  You stand a little in back and to the side of the figure.  It gives you better coverage of the audience.  In fact, it is 180 degree angle. 
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