Find Mr. D.

We're in the midst of the season of choir concerts, carolers, and joyful music, especially this Christmas Eve day.  I love it!  During my lifetime I've been blessed to be a part of several choirs, at church and schools.  Even a couple family choirs.  I had forgotten about one early choir until a cousin sent me this picture last week.  This was an all city choir made up of middle school students from our small community of Harper, Kansas.  At the time some of us weren't all that thrilled to wear those white angelic concert robes, but looking back, it was a great experience!  So, here's your challenge...which "cherub" (I use the term loosely) in this photo is Mr. D?   (See my post for Jan. 6, 2012 for the correct answer.)


  1. Anonymous1/02/2012

    So how many people found the right "cherub"? I got my 7/11 coin Saturday (last day of 2011!) and it will serve as a reminder of the fun and inspiration (and prizes!) I received following your blog this last year. Thanks! Brian

  2. I'll have the summary for you on the 6th...