Check out "Santa and Harvey"

From Greg Claasen:

Just wrapped up a 16 show tour of corporate Christmas events-was as far north as Regina, SK, Canada and as far south as Pampa, TX. Thankful to be home and just in time to miss the winter blizzard that has passed through.

To get you in the Christmas spirit, I thought you might like to see another project with which I've been involved. Several months ago Mary Ann Taylor created "Harvey Jingles, the Christmas mouse for the pilot episode of a children's Christmas TV show called "Santa and Harvey." I provided the voice and manipulation for Harvey which was filmed this past fall in Tulsa, OK. The producers hope to sell a series of episodes to various markets around the country for Christmas 2012. You can visit the website with several short clips of Santa and Harvey here:

Have a blessed Christmas.

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  1. Anonymous12/22/2011

    What an excellent Production, Greg! Your work with Harvey is absolutely wonderful! You certainly give him a vivid reality. Your timing, voice, and manipulation are fantastic. You and Santa have completely eliminated any notion of a 'scripted' presentation. Santa is definitely not one of these 'wannabees'. He's the real thing! The interaction is so real! Keep up the great work, Greg.

    If there was anyway to have a copy f these shows for my grand children, I would love to.

    Wilson Kindred