Before and after ...

  This Knee Pal, recently purchased by Lori Schnell,
had multiple needs when it was delivered (photo below left).  Facial flaws, faded paint, neck opening too large, headpost too long, eye openings too small, grungy wig, fabric on arms and legs was rotten and torn.

But after several hours/days in my shop "Frankie" was looking much better (right)!  I did all the repairs and repainting.  Lori refurbished the wig in the following manner:

After removing the wig from the head, Lori cleaned and recolored the wig by using Speedball brand fabric screen ink, diluted with 71% strength rubbing alcohol.  A spray bottle was used to saturate the wig, then rinsed in cool water before being allowed to dry and then combed. 


  1. Steve Engle12/05/2011

    Masterful job of refurbishing.

  2. David Miranda12/05/2011

    After getting back my lovik figure from you I decided to cut the control stick a couple of inches. It was to long and as you can remember putting the figure in the case was not easy.

  3. P. Grecian12/10/2011

    I've recently re-built a Lovik with a face similar to that myself. This was originally an African-American woman figure (I should've saved the "before" picture). I made her into a slot-jawed ball-and-socket-necked old caucasian lady. I DID wrench the eyeballs out of the sockets in order to open up the eyes...can't imagine having the control to open 'em up with the eyeballs still in place!