Wake up!

When Bob Abdou saw the 1977 Howdy Doody "talking" alarm clock I advertised (and sold) on eBay earlier this week, he sent me several photos of his vast Howdy Doody collection.  Included was a picture of this "Clock-A-Doodle" which Bob says in "my most prized possession".

The two Bobs, (Buffalo Bob Smith and Bob Abdou) were pen pals for several years before Buffalo Bob's death in 1998 and Abdou received a number of photos and toys from the famous man himself.

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  1. I can top that N Jay was fortunate to have an uncle in a prominate position..who begged for a seat in the peanut Gallery anbd was awarded that at the age of 6+ which was 1954...The reason i know the year is because Howdy Doody show premiered on my birth year. so when I was 61/2 it was 1954, math is so wonderful..I still have those vivd memories running around in a childs mind. Where are those kinds of days? Thank you for helping me dust off the off memories and bring them out for an airing. N Jay 'Jaybo'