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Yesterday I posted a photo of a  tee shirt with Charlie McCarthy's silhouette, offering to give it to the person who could give me the best reason why I should choose them.  Well, a good number of you responded and I must say, you made the choice difficult.  So much so that I'm going to ask you, the reader's of this blog, to make the decision by voting for the winner.  Please!  I've selected four applicants from which to choose and printed excerpts from their entries below.  Read them, make your choice, and cast your vote in the voting box provided in the top margin.  Voting has ended (see post for 10/11).
Applicant #1:  "While still in my early teens I would help an older lady with odd chores on weekends.  Turned out, she was Marion Schreyer, the daughter of Lester The Great.  I often helped clean out boxes stored in her closets ...always fantasizing about suddenly finding a figure of her Dad's stashed in a dark corner!  She eventually told me the things from her father's vaudeville days were all gone, off to museums.  She also told me several times that her father had taught a guy named Edgar Bergen how to do ventriloquism.  Long after her death I came across a book that confirmed her story.  I always watched Bergen and McCarthy with a sense of connection to performing in public.  The "shadow" of Charlie McCarthy falls on me too in a very small but significant way.  I would wear the Charlie t-shirt and remember the strange connections God gives us through our journeys."  Brian Brolin

Applicant #2: "I am a Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen fan.  I would love to wear it in the Subway sandwich shop in the WalMart where I sit with my friends nearly every day with my conversion Charlie McCarthy and my other figures.  The shirt would look really great and be a conversation piece."  James Tucker

Applicant #3:  "The Charlie t-shirt is just my size and as I wear it around the children in my church they can ask who it is.  Some who have been in my office might recognize the shadow on the shirt to be like the picture on my wall (Smithsonian cover of Charlie) and I can tell them about Charlie, Edgar Bergen, and ventriloquism.  The shirt is a discussion starter that ends in encouraging boys and girls to take up ventriloquism and have a lifetime of fun and service."  Dr. Jeff Scott

Applicant #4:  "My fiance introduced me to Charlie McCarthy.  Every night I listen to Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen's old 1930 tapes and fall asleep.  I completely fell in love with Charlie without knowing anything about ventriloquism.  I actually thought Charlie was an adorable little boy, unknown to me that it was Edgar.  My favorite shows are 'Edgar Gets Amnesia' and when Charlie tries to have a frog farm.  I always loved listening to Charlie and W.C. Fields go at it.  We have our living room decorated in dolls and collectibles of Charlie McCarthy and other famous vents.  Now, after being exposed to the art of ventriloquism, we make a special vacation to the Vent Haven every year, in July.  I would love to have the Charlie McCarthy t-shirt."  Tamara Mann

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