"Someone's been sitting in my chair ..."

"... and he's still there!"

Normally when I paint a pair of hands for a vent figure, I find a way to hang them from my shop ceiling so they can drying evenly on all surface areas.  But repainting the hands on an existing figure always presents an extra challenge because they are attached to a cumbersome body.  The hands could be removed from the arms, but that's far more work than necessary.  I simply let the figure borrow my shop chair for the job, hanging the arms to the rear, over the back of the chair while the paint dries. 

You can see I have a "supervisor" for this job - standing on his head so he can double check my work from all angles.

Of course, my "customers" have to take a number for this job since I only have one chair for them to use.  And the painting is always done near the end of the day when I'm ready to leave the shop so the painter doesn't back into the freshly painted hands and end up with paint on his end - a lesson learned by experience!


  1. Hi Mr. D.
    Good thing Mrs. D. knows what you are doing all day at work.Her, seeing hand prints on your behind may make some women think your playing hanky Panky. But we all know better, You Two are too inlove even after all of these years, Shows what God Does in a Families life. God Bless you both and your Great work. The Duff Family,

  2. Anonymous10/19/2011

    That body looks really familiar. ;) I cant wait to see the finished product.
    Davd M.

  3. Steve Engle10/19/2011

    I've oft wondered who takes all of the photos of you at work????
    If it's Adelia, she should be on the payroll! :=)