Older Catalog Merchandise

Reader Comment & Question: I was thumbing through some of the older Maher Catalogs I collected. There were some ideal puppets I am still interested in - some bird and monkey puppets. Are they still available? I am also interested in replacing a teaching tape by Liz VonSeggen. John P.
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From Mr. D: I enjoy perusing through the old Maher Catalogs myself, and am glad to know I'm not alone in doing so. However, please do not try to order from them, because while I can deliver on a few of the products, the puppets are not among them! Prices have likely changed as well. :-) The bird and monkey puppets were probably from Steve Axtell. His puppets can be seen and purchased at www.axtell.com

Liz Von Seggen's teaching tapes, CD's, and DVD's were produced and sold by One Way Street. One Way Street did close its doors August 31, 2011. But Dale and Liz Von Seggen assumed the remaining OWS inventory and are providing many of the same products and services under the name of their new business, Creative Ministry Solutions: www.creativemin.com

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