Not simply for kicks

Melissa Nichols sent me this photo of herself and "Charlene" in their "doboks" (martial arts uniforms).  Their Grandmaster, Pyung-Soo Kim, is currently teaching in Korea, but will return in December, when the three will team up to produce a DVD for kids on the subjects of bully prevention and stranger danger.  I have a feeling when this trio makes their presentations, listeners would be well advised to pay close attention.

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  1. Kuddos to Melissa, I have never met her but from her comments on facebook, she has vent, karate and an anti-bully program close to her heart.

    Bullying is a tough subject and my Anti Bullying show took me 6 months to create, write and rewrite and then I had to get it approved by the Education Board of Austin, San Antonio and Dallas before presenting it into their schools.

    There are certain guild lines that I had to have in my show. Fighting back or giving in is not the answer. Fighting back only fuels the fire and makes it worse for both parties. These are not my words but the school system.

    Yes, Bullying is wrong, very wrong but using Bully tactics to warn off a bully is just as bad if not worse. A policeman once told me that he has never seen a case where owning a weapon actually defended that person from violence.