"Thanks, but no thanks"

Question: How much would you charge to mechanize a mouth in an original casting? Joe C.
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From Mr. D: When it comes to a puppet making, I find it difficult to resist a challenge - a "weakness" I have come to regret more often than I care to remember. Whatever the project, building the prototype requires the most time, creative energy, stress, trial and error, and there is no guarantee of success. If you were presenting me with a casting I had worked with before, I would gave an idea of what I was in for. But with an original casting such as yours, intriguing as I find it to be, it does present enough unknowns that my better judgement (and already full shop schedule) tells me I must decline. But thank you for the offer, and good luck with your project!


  1. Wow, Very interesting and detailed, What saize is it.Do you have any others? I would suggest Gapello's WorkShop, I am sure he would assist him. I hope my mentioning him doesn't deleate this as I ment no conflict. He does very profeshional work also, As Does Mr. D.
    I am interested in one, made to look like Popeye, that is aStick Hard Vent Figure.
    Have a Great Day. Bill

  2. Anonymous9/25/2011

    Out of curiosity, Dan, what is the distance from point of the front edge of the lower lip to the pivot point of the lower jaw that accomplishes a rule of thumb that mouth should open “a good inch” and by “good” I take to mean more than that? LeeDean