Sweeny's saga continues afterall...

A couple weeks ago I wrote how Sweeny, the vent figure Canon John Jordan sent to me for modification, was being held "hostage" by UPS over a $45.00 COD payment. Canon Jordan (who lives in Canada) assured me the parcel had been shipped with all international costs prepaid, and after he contacted UPS, the COD was immediately dropped and the parcel delivered to our door without charge.

I assumed that was the end of that incident...how wrong I was. In our letter mail I now find an invoice from UPS for $45.00 on this same shipment (entry Prep Fee, Disbursement fee, and Merchandise Processing Fee) along with a list of all sorts of bad things that will happen to me for lack of payment. And to make matters worse, they sent everything in Adelia's name! How or why they got her involved, I have no idea. So to protest, I have to add Adelia to the mix!

Well, I'm not going to do that, so I today sent UPS their $45.00 "extortion" payment. Hopefully we've put an end to this portion of Sweeny's saga. But if you purchase anything from me in the near future, please don't request shipment by UPS - it isn't going to happen while this incident is fresh in my memory!


  1. Anonymous9/13/2011

    Clinton, looks like UPS service is as bad in USA as it is here in Canada. When I buy something on eBay I always be sure to have it shipped via USPS, I never had a problem. But UPS... ugh! Nightmarish... Marcelo.

  2. Anonymous9/14/2011

    Many Americans living overseas also have huge (and expensive) problems with UPS?

    Why would any seller insist on using them?

  3. Anonymous9/14/2011

    UPS was kind enough to break the head off of my charlie mccarthy carnival figure that was wrapped in a towel, rolled in bubble wrap, & placed in a box full of peanuts. & getting money from them??, even with all the packaging, etc??, YEAH! GOOD LUCK! Don't blame you a BIT Clinton! Bad enough they had to do this to such a great guy as you! But to get your dear WIFE involved TOO??? LET ME AT 'EM!!!!! As Charlie would say, "I'll clip 'em, so help me i'll MOW 'EM DOWN!" Bill Smith

  4. Winkle and Wags9/14/2011

    Oh, I'd shoot it out of a cannon before I'd ship by UPS! In the fine print, their shipping forms now say the driver assumes no responsibility for condition of shipment. They can take a case of glassware, throw it in the truck and, according to the documents, UPS is in the clear. You're standing there with a box of glass chunks and they're driving to their next victim. I haven't used UPS in a decade because of this.