"In today's post, you show a picture sheet from one of Lovik's Maher Workshop days. Here is another picture sheet from those days, though I don't know if one of those is Clementine. By the way, my first pro figure came from there back in '80 or '81 - the one in the blue checkered shirt is the one I orders. (Unfortunately, I do not still have him." Dave Boiano

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From Mr. D: Clementine could perhaps best be described as a female Mortimer Snerd. I do not think she is shown on this set, but thank you for sharing this photo.

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  1. Anonymous9/11/2011

    The figure in the black and white checkered shirt was called "Archie." Before my parents purchase my full-sized figure from Maher Studios in 1983, they also requested information from Craig Lovik (Maher Workshop). Even though the figure my parents purchase looks nothing like "Archie," I used the name for my figure.


    P.S. As I recall the figure my parents purchased was called "Slim." I have the living-mouth version.